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Legally only 400 feet above ground level.

I can't fly out of line of sight, I must always have a visual of the UAV/Drone, but my drone CAN fly 4.1 miles away from me in any direction.

To fly as a hobby, NO. To fly as a professional and make money with it, YES. And YES I have my 107 UAV pilots license and I have to renew it every 2 years. It costs $100 to renew it.

I fly a Phantom 4 Pro currently but when I first started with a lot of my earlier videos I was flying a Typhoon G by Yuneec. It used a GoPro Black 4K.

In total around $2200 for everything. Extra batteries, registration etc.

I cannot fly over people or moving vehicles. EVER!!! I have to call ahead to fly within 5 miles, as the crow flies, from an airport. I have an app that tells me. Those are the basics. There are a lot more rules than that but those are the big ones.

YES. I have a live view of what the drone is seeing from my remote and I'm happy to show you.